AbaPlanet es una herramienta muy potente a la vez que sencilla de usar


A powerful, adaptable tool designed to support the work of professionals.

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A Professional Tool

AbaPlanet has been developed by the Planeta Imaginario foundation, an Aba intervention center with more than 14 years experience in early intervention of children and teenagers with ASD and other special needs.

The foundation has brought the sum of its know-how and experience into the development of AbaPlanet in order to create a solid, advanced tool that aspires to be a world class ABA learning platform.


Expert System

During the Learning sessions controlled by the app’s in-built expert system, AbaPlanet adapts the level of difficulty automatically. The system starts by showing a single image, and then adds further images of increasing difficulty as the exercise progresses. The shape, color, category, relationships with other concepts (such as ‘shoe’ with ‘foot’) and even the phonetics or the audio clips are used to include increasingly difficult distraction images in the exercises. At the same time, during each session, a number of easier exercises are also typically inserted to provide some balance.

The AbaPlanet expert system reacts to the child’s responses, making him or her repeat exercises with incorrect answers, providing visual aids and even dropping a level to enable further practise before trying the more difficult exercises.


For each of the available concepts, AbaPlanet includes 4 pictures and 2 different drawings, to which a further image can be added by the user (for example a photograph of a real object from the child’s home environment). During set-up, it is possible to choose to work with a single image and then progressively add further images.

Each concept has two audio tracks with male and female voices, and 16 screen backgrounds are used during the exercises.

Individually Tailored Sessions

The AbaPlanet expert system is advanced but a professional tutor may wish to develop his or her own exercise sessions for specific cases. The session editor enables tutors to construct, import and export sessions by defining each exercise to be included.

The session editor is designed to minimize the effort for the tutor. For example, distraction images can be selected automatically at random by simply indicating the level of difficulty required. It is also easy to change the concept to be taught in all of the exercises without having to rewrite all of the session.

Logging System

AbaPlanet enables you to log what is happening, and provides a report for each work session including the number of exercises completed, error percentages, etc.

The report also includes complete details of which exercises the child got wrong in order to help identify problem areas. It is also possible to configure the application so that certain images do not appear during the exercises.

Child Profiles and Security

AbaPlanet enables you to manage different profiles of children in parallel, each one with their own configuration. This funcionality is designed for professional tutors working with various children and for schools where the tablet is shared between various children.

Access to the child profile set-up screens can be protected using a password to ensure that the children are not able to enter this part of the application.

Advanced Set-up

In the Receptive Language exercises, do you want the concept to be displayed at the top of the screen or not? Do you want to include the concept in a sentence starting with “Touch the ...”? Do you want to use the token system with the reinforcers? If the child gets the exercise wrong, should the help consist of flashing the correct image, or simply eliminating of one of the distraction images?

These are just some of the examples of the wide variety of aspects that can be configured in AbaPlanet in order to adapt it to the specific needs of each child and the preferences of each tutor.


There are children with special needs throughout the world. Currently AbaPlanet is available in English and Spanish, but has been designed so that the texts that the child sees and the audio clips he or she hears can be configured in a different language.

Packs of concepts are available in English, Spanish and Catalan and new languages will be offered soon. Furthermore the user can change all text labels and add their own audio clips with each concept.

Add-on Packs

AbaPlanet is a free app that includes starter kit with concepts and reinforcers. Additional packs with concepts and reinforcers can be bought from within the app itself.


ABA in AbaPlanet

AbaPlanet is based on ABA and has been designed by ABA experts, with other ABA professionals in mind.

How ABA is adapted in ABA Planet?

Download AbaPlanet Now

AbaPlanet is a free app that includes everything you need to get started.


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