New Project AbaPlanet with Aula TIC TEA – Autismo Albacete

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Planeta Imaginario Apps is pleased to inform to all, as part of the collaborations have been done until now Fundación Planeta Imaginario with different centers and schools, about the last Partner undertaken with Asociación Desarrollo Autismo Albacete.

This last April we had the pleasure of working with the Autismo Albacete’s team, specifically with people from Aula TIC in order to introduce our app AbaPlanet to accelerate learning vocabulary and necessary prior to its acquisition by people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

AbaPlanet is the latest app from Fundación Planeta Imaginario, created and designed by experts to help learning through activities based on ABA, including awards, grants (adapted to different profiles), an intelligent system that takes decisions based on the response of the student whether increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the exercises, among many other options.

World Day for #Autism Awareness: a look toward self professional experience

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One year after another, Fundación Planeta Imaginario celebrate and claim the World Day for Autism Awareness dated on the 2007 by the United Nations.

Today, besides a daily constant work by many entities, various events for awareness of autism are performed; what is exactly autism, how can we detect it and, what is much more important, how to treat it. But behind this message is a clear call to total social integration of people with autism and the invitation to the public organizations to create mechanisms that bring therapy available to all.

There are no official data about how many cases of children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) exist in Spain. But they exist for all Europe:

"1 case of TEA per 100 births" (Autism – Europe aisbl 2015)


New Partners: AbaPlanet in special education schools to promote the language in children with TEA.

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Overcome more than 300,000 downloads with iSecuencies, Fundación Planeta Imaginario has a strong commitment on their new project: AbaPlanet.

In order to make further progress in the development of new technologies applied to Pervasive Developmental Disorder and encouraging the emergence of new support tools in the sessions and therapies that help and motivate children with special needs to improve their learning needs, Fundación Planeta Imaginario has established partnerships with some special Education Centers in Barcelona.

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Successful use of tablets in therapeutic activities and case management

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Professionals and leaders in Speech – Language Pathologists presented their new study about the influence of Tablets in the motivation of the students and if this Tablets are effective as a Tool for Therapy and Speech – Language Pathologists. For this study they used educative and interactive apps.

Some of these apps were for example iSecuences and AbaPlanet. Both were created by “Fundación Planeta Imaginario” in order to promote good educational practices for children with TEA.  

AbaPlanet between the recommended Apps for Children with Disorder Austism Spectrum by Autism Speaks

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AbaPlanet joined Austism Speaks website with other recommended Apps for the treatment and learning of children with TEA.

Autism Speaks is one of the most important organizations for autism located in the US. They’ve organized great events like "Blue Light up" where every 2th of April the most emblematic buildings are illuminated with blue lights in order to increase the awarness about this disorder.

AbaPlanet: a daily aid for kids with Autism

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Every time, more and more studies confirm the great potential in tablets as an excellent motivator and supporting tool in the day-to-day and in therapies for kids with ASD. Knowing how to manage and making the best out of them without falling into abuse is a very interesting topic, both for families and for professionals.

Besides as the ideal complement for some therapy aspects, AbaPlanet can be useful in other situations where we might need support from technology to help the kid get through them the best way possible. Do you want to know which they are? Here you have six examples:

AbaPlanet PRO, the most complete language learning platform for ASD, is out now!

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After releasing AbaPlanet, vocabulary learning app for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), now is out AbaPlanet PRO, the complete and improved version of AbaPlanet. AbaPlanet PRO, which is for iPad too, comes with all the packs and extra features already included, whereas in AbaPlanet they have to be purchased in-app. It means over half price saving on the whole.

Coming with all extras included, AbaPlanet PRO provides a bigger convenience for families and professionals, for it can be used at its maximum capacity, maximizing all its advantages from the very first day. The virtual platform, based on Artificial Intelligence, puts at parents and professionals' service a complete, progressive and autonomous learning system, which makes decisions depending on the user's performance.



This is another app from the LOVAAS foundation and provides exercises for children based on 100 sequences of personal habits, play activity, daily situations and emotions.


AbaPlanet is a free app that includes everything you need to get started.


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