AbaPlanet goes in for Gamification World Awards

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Recently, Planeta Imaginario Apps have been invited to take part in a global event, as Gamification World Awards, which awards prizes each year in recognition of the best 'gamification' projects and their creators.

Gamification, is based on introduction of game-like design and mechanics, used in non-game contexts, aiming to boost motivation, focusing, effort and engagement towards a task in pursuit of achieving certain objectives.

October 10th, World Mental Health Day

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Today, Saturday October 10th it's celebrated in more than 100 countries the World Mental Health Day, as an initiative of World Federation of Mental Health, WFMH. The aim of this day is to spread awareness among society about the reality within mental health issues, seeking for active implication of everyone, institutional, professionals, and society in general.

Like every year, the day has an official motto, which works as inspiration and key idea of all the issues .... This year, in Spain, by means of an online voting, organized by Spain Mental Health Confederation, the motto chosen has been "Ponte en mi lugar. Conecta conmigo", which means "Put yourself in my place. Connect with me".

Psychologists and ICT students collaborate for innovation in treatment for kids with ASD

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Planeta Imaginario Foundation starts this 2015-2016 season a very special collaboration with ENTI, School of New Interactive Technologies. ENTI, ascribed center to University of Barcelona, offers degrees and master degrees related to new technologies, and trains their students in games and other applications creation.

These programmes are specially focused on games oriented towards social causes, to learn while playing, games reinforcing good habits and supporting disadvantaged or needy minorities.

4 tips on how to choose an educational App for kids with ASD

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Over the last few years, the available apps for download in the most known app marketplaces have been increasing in a consistent manner. To give an example, in august 2014, there were around 1 million of active apps on the App Store. Just a year later, this august 2015, just under 1'5 million apps were available. This means a 50% growth in only 12 months.

Educative apps, and concretely those focused on special needs such as autism, have not been kept aside this trend. Nowadays, if we write "autism" on the search bar of an app store, we get tons of apps to choose among, all of them supposedly adapted to the particularities involving the learning process of kids with autism.

Given that, how can we pick out the quality apps, really adapted to this condition, from those that are not? We want to share with you 4 features we consider as basic, when selecting the best apps for kids with Autism Spectum Disorder (ASD):

iSequences, present at the last TECTEA 2015

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Past august 14th and 15th took place at Universidad de Palermo (UP), Buenos Aires, the TECTEA 2015 meeting, which was about technology applied to improve the quality of life of those suffering Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

It was attended by international professionals, who shared the last novelties, research and experiences, with the objective of improving actual tools, helping to spread its benefits for their rapid incorporation into classrooms along educative and clinical centers. 

Today we launched 2 new specialized apps for children with ASD and Asperger!

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Planeta Imaginario Foundation launches iSecuencias 3.0 and AbaPlanet 1.0 and puts artificial intelligence at professional’s, families' and children with Autustic Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome's service.

Both iSecuencias and AbaPlanet have been designed by our clinic team formed by psychologists specialized in behavior with more than 20 years’ experience working with ASD children.

By launching these apps we want to bring parents and professionals two tools based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) methodology, that has proved its effectiveness in numerous treatment studies with ASD children.

The experience of an ABA therapist with AbaPlanet

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One of the challenges that therapists face when conducting early treatment sessions with a child is their difficulty to learn how to behave. To learn a word, an object, a game ... a child must first listen, watch, wait, and it is not easy to teach them how to stay calm.

In many cases , the work material draws too much attention from the child, who is then unable to contain their curiosity and desire to manipulate these new items.

It was in one of these situations in which an educator discovered that Abaplanet is more than a tool for learning objects and words.

AbaPlanet format and features make the app look like an enjoyable game rather than a serious tool for learning. This is why children see it as an entertainment and therapists are willing to use it as a support for Aba therapies. Through practising with AbaPlanet, children quickly learn that they have to wait without touching anything until the card or voice appears on the secreen to show them what to do.

Waiting and responding properly to the screen instructions brings them a prize. On the other hand, if they do any anticipated action, or get the wrong answer, they get no rewards. Before getting a prize, children have to learn to wait and to respond only when they are told so by AbaPlanet.

According to this educator’s experience, AbaPlanet accelerates the process of learning how to behave and wait for instructions. The skills that children have gained through the app also apply to everyday practice with the therapist, allowing more time to focus on learning other subjects.


AbaPlanet 1.00 is now available

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After over two years of work, the Planeta Imaginario foundation is pleased to present version 1.00 of AbaPlanet, which intends to become the leading app for ABA-based learning on tablets.

A total of 40 professionals including the entire team from the foundation and a variety of external companies with experience in app development have worked together to bring you AbaPlanet.

But this is only the beginning! Work continues to introduce more add-on packs, such as letters, colors and emotions, as well as new exercises such as word-object or categorization to remain at the leading edge of ABA apps on tablets.



This is another app from the LOVAAS foundation and provides exercises for children based on 100 sequences of personal habits, play activity, daily situations and emotions.


AbaPlanet is a free app that includes everything you need to get started.


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