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The 2017-2018 school year has begun! And we are pleased to open again the oportunity to collaborate with Lovaas Foundation and its special education centres around Barcelona and Spain.

The Project “AbaPlanet Schools” was born with the aim of integrating this powerful Ipad application in the schools’ classrooms to boost the effectiveness of the language teaching amongst children with Autism Spectrum Disorders or other difficulties.

What does the Project consist in?

  • Train professionals to use the App (1h) and management of personalized profiles. Although it doesn’t require great skills, an initial training is recommended to know its wide possibilities.
  • Support, if required, to the structuring of basic language development programs to extend the effect of Abaplant into the classrooms, in conjunction with daily in-situ work the children and coordination among professionals.
  • Initial follow-up resolving doubts or helping professionals in specific aspects (via e-mail, telephone or in person).
  • Long-term follow up and feedback collection by the school and Lovaas Foundation to ealuate the effectiveness of the implementation of the App in the school curriculum and in integration method in the classrooms.

Where are we from?

Since 2015 Lovaas Foundation has been collaborating with several schools and centres (such as Guru school and Fàsia Sarrià school in Barcelona, where AbaPlanet started as the main resource to teach the aforementioned linguistic skills). AdaPlanet has obtained significant success in all the structures where it has been integrated.

Some of the results obtained during a study conducted in 2016:

  • In 100% of the cases where AbaPlanet is introduced, the learning speed if each child is doubled, at least.
  • 75% of children learn throuht the app without direct supervision.
  • In 100% of the cases, it is shown that the concepts learned in the app are generalized in a natural context.
  • In 100% of the cases it is demostrated that users progress in their learning, even when they weren’t achieving it before.

What is AbaPlanet?

AbaPlanet is a powerful App, designed by expert psychologists which applies learning and behaviour modification techniques (ABA) to generate basic vocabulary learning especially for children with ASD.

If you want know more about AbaPlanet you can read:
Or if you want to know more about the Project in the centres:

Do you want to receive more information so arrange a visit from a member of our team to your school or centre?
Contact us: by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us:

First contact and initial information are totally free. We aim to establish a win-win, collaboration plan for both parties such as: receiving feedback about the effectiveness or not of AbaPlanet subsequent training to interested families etc.

For a future for everyone: projects with head and heart!

Yours sincerely,

#Apps Lovaas Foundation Team(Barcelona)



This is another app from the LOVAAS foundation and provides exercises for children based on 100 sequences of personal habits, play activity, daily situations and emotions.


AbaPlanet is a free app that includes everything you need to get started.


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