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WEB foto grupo trasTEA MADRID 2017

Planeta Imaginario fundation was at TrasTEA congress in Madrid last february 9th and 10th at Madrid University, presenting a poster about the implementation of AbaPlanet in Special needs classrooms or/and intensive treatment.

The aim of this poster was explaining the methodology implemented during 2016 which included trainings directed to professionals in different Special Needs Schools and centres specialized on ASD in different areas, such as using apps, monitoring cases and questions’ solutions, register of achieved units together with testing the learning generalization and maintenance of it as well as analysis results and discussion of it.  

See below a brief summary of this results


The speed of learning increase 100%, in some cases, even doubling.
- 75% of cases carry out learning with apps with no need of supervision most of the time.
- 100% of cases shows the generalization of achieved concepts.
- 100% of cases the user is able to learn new concepts even when it has not been previously taught.


See the full poster here:


There is a growing number of professionals from health field, specifically ASD professionals who bets on the development of apps mainly aimed to education and free time and its best manage day by day, improving the life quality of ASD people and their families.

On TrasTea we could see tools such as:

Autismind, an apps intended for training on abilities from Mind Theory, created by Álex Escolà (child phycologist CDIAP DELTA and IDAPP centre. Specialized on early intervention and ASD.) Counting with IDAPP guidance.

Also, we could see robots created to recognise different feelings or working with communication, intelligent vests and watches that are able to recognise different moods or reactions from who is wearing them. An entire world full of possibilities ready to be explore and conquer, although a few sector are working hard for some time.

WEB grupo trasTEA Madrid 2017

The congress was a coming and going of people, families, children, young people and adults all of them affected directly or indirectly by ASD. Also, It was a coming and going of associations and institutions, which gave us the opportunity to learn and share experiences and interests.

It has been years that ICT became a valuable tool to treatment of ASD people, even though we have a path to build a solid market, we are getting closer to ensure a market full of quality options.

Planeta Imaginario Apps is on the side of development of contrasted tools, with testing reliability, designed by professionals and following a criteria of quality to make sure that our product is effective to education.

For that reason we have taken the advantage to present a poster which reflected the targets behind of its development, the result we have been able to collect and improvement proposal to the future that allow ourselves to keep growing and improving our product.

WEB Sandra trasTEA Madrid 2017

From Planeta Imaginario we thank each and every one of you, to the congress organizers and parents: Federación Autismo Madrid and Madrid University for offering such an interesting, beautiful and needed space, empowering the ICT field applied on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

¡See you next time!  
Planeta Imaginario Apps



This is another app from the LOVAAS foundation and provides exercises for children based on 100 sequences of personal habits, play activity, daily situations and emotions.


AbaPlanet is a free app that includes everything you need to get started.


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