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11 2016 movil salud en tu mano

Actually the Information and Comunication technologies (known as TIC) have been opened their way, bit by bit, in every areas of our diary life like the leisure, the education and obviously the health. The medical progress until a few years ago was limitated to direct manegement of healthcare professionals, in our time, the arrival of phone apps has allowed bring closer this progress in health to the current user.

Into what is known as mHeatlh, or mobile health, has been developed a field of research and development of mobile apps that allow the user acces to sanitary guides, learn helthy habits, know and control different symptom, and help, among other things, the tracing and compromise of the patient with the therapy.

Over 40.000 sanitary apps are at present available in Apple’s market, all of them created from the need of patient and professional to omptimize means, time, share expiriences and have clearest and faster information as is possible. All apps, that do‘nt stop growing in number and develop themselves, has the same target: offer the medical assitance who need it in far places.

But, why this growing in apps related with health? The answer is in four essential codes:

  1. They give more power to the patient because they become in active parts of every medical process, on wich they can consult the provided information in every moment, make 11 2016 movil salud salud en tu manocomparisons, thoughts…etc. That allow further customization of the process, where the patient receives direct and useful information of what it cares to him: the health.
  2. Change of habits in that the patient has the opotunity of control and change that behaviours of his diary life that can help his health condition. For that, they take as a refference the system of levels and achievement points from the videogames, to help to foment a higher implication and motivation by the user.
  3. Extraordinary change on the relationship doctor-patient, because it is provided the shipping of comunication bidirectionally, across the data wich are visual and clear. On the other hand that fact also streamlined the sanitary management of medical appoinments and the acces to the relevant information, getting better globaly the assitance quality.
  4. Data storage a lot of personalized, faster and easy to consult.
  5. Easy access to sanitary resources in every place of the planet, making easier the arrival of medical assitance in every time and place, supplying the architectural or economical barriers, with the access to a Tablet o Smartphone.

With everything explained above, it is not surprising that the apps related with health be the third category with higher growth, just after the games and utilities, where the biggest percentage of use is in prevention or promote healthy lifestyles ( feeding, physical activity, sleep, relax, etc.)

Because of the combination of that advantages is obvious the need of maximize the use of that kind of apps in the health system, and considered too by the expert group who joined in the XXII Meeting of Health Technology Sector, they think that the actual challenge of TICs in the sanitary field is achieve that the possibilities that they provide, help to get better the life quallity, and decrease the imbalances and inequalities in the access to health services.

For that Yuri Quintana, professor of Medicine in Harvard University, and one of the most defenders of this change, has shown how the use of the videogames can help the people in this appearance. For this purpose he has created Serious Games for Health, a course where he teaches to the health and technology professionals the benefits that the videogames can give the humanity, beyond the entertaiment.

That technology, that according Quintana provides new knowledge and improve habits and behaviours, also helps to gather information more accurate about that, and has been extolled by Harvard Medical School professors and by the Escuela de Nuevas Tecnologías de la Universidad de Barcelona.

Having as reference the dynamics of a video game typical of children, were to arrange an history, Fundación Planeta Imaginario  was developed iSequences  which has as its basis this idea to teach autonomous habits, the dynamic of everyday situations and the emotions in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders or ASD. With these same target population it had another more complex application, Abaplanet, which try to transfer the basics of a personal and specialized assistance to the home through the use of the iPad

It is undeniable the utility of mobile techonolgy to help us to care our health and treat any disease in a dinamic way and connected to the lifestyle and the current needs, alowing an update and adequacy on time and place that move virtually the consultation to the house, the coffeshop o the supermarket. Wherever we are the health is always a reason of interest and now we have the solution so close to us.





This is another app from the LOVAAS foundation and provides exercises for children based on 100 sequences of personal habits, play activity, daily situations and emotions.


AbaPlanet is a free app that includes everything you need to get started.


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